Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The WWRA is dedicated to creating a safe, healthy and vibrant community for everyone who visits, lives in or works in the area. We want to build:

     • A safe area for people, property and the environment
     • Clean attractive streets, properties, parks and gardens
     • Quality housing and buildings
     • Recreation and leisure activities, particularly for youth

The WWRA provides programming for adults and children. Activities include the following; community cleanups, volunteer patrols (Citizens on Patrol Program), speed watch, community gardening initiatives, 50+ club, winter skating program, New Immigrant Settlement Programing, and informational sessions to members of the WWRA community.

The organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who meet monthly except for July and August.

Our offices are located at 295 Pritchard Avenue and our telephone number is 204-582-0988.

Pritchard Park
The building houses the WWRA and NISP Offices
and is host to children's recreational activities
Summer and Winter
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