Neighborhood Immigrant Settlement Program at WWRA

Are You a Newcomer to Canada?

Welcome Here!

Phone Us at: 204 – 582 – 9091

The Neighborhood Immigrant Settlement Program at the William Whyte Residents Association has been operational since October 2007. It is our privilege to welcome people from all over the world to the neighborhood. Settlement workers meet new families and work to help them settle in their in their new homes. The program is made possible by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

We can:

·         Visit your home
·         Provide information about the neighborhood
·         Help you talk to people (your landlord, your teacher, Revenue Canada, Winnipeg Harvest, etc)
·         Help you start a sports group
·         Help you start educational/meeting/training group
·         Provide information about housing
·         Hear your stories and interests
·         Find a place that can help you get a job
·         Invite you to parties and potlucks
·         Show you stores for food and clothes
·         Inform you about educational and other opportunities
·         Many other things

Moreover, through NISP we offer training sessions on a wide range of subjects from Parenting, Youth, and Police to Gardening and Moccasin making. Ideas for training sessions and community activities often come from our clients. So if you as a newcomer feel the need for a certain activity, share your thoughts with us.

Upcoming events and programs

         Neighborhood Immigrant Settlement Program – William Whyte Residents Association

Ongoing programs:


Family Support Program
Facilitated by Muuxi Adams from Aurora Family Therapy Center
Every Saturday, 2:00 - 4:00 pm at Turtle Island Neighborhood Center (TINC), 510 King street
Start: January 31st - March 28th 2015
Snacks served, child care provided

First Nations All Nations - Setting the Table
Facilitated by Lorelle Perry from KidBridge
9:30 - 11:30 am, Library Room, Turtle Island Neighborhood Center (TINC), 510 King street
Start: January 13th - February 17th 2015

Upcoming Events:

Check back on this site for upcoming events such as:
·         Women’s Support Group (November)
·         Sports programs (ex. indoor soccer teams)
·         Outings
·         Seasonal celebrations!

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  1. Hi,

    This is Mohammad B. Mustafa writing from United Arab Emirates and I am applying for immigration as a skilled worker federal program Express Entry. Currently, I am targeting Manitoba province and one of the things that help me a great deal is to find an association, center or any connection who can help me settle down there in case I receive invitation for permanent visa in Canada. I intend to come with my wife and three small kids and I will have the money to settle down there. So, as the layer told me, I need tangible connections and evidence that you welcome me and help me in any consultations in case I will find it difficult to settle down there alone. Consequently, are you willing to sponsor me and help me settle down there? If yes, I need a letter confirming this so I send it to my lawyer.